Looker is now out on Bad Dollar

by antigob

Bad Dollar
is an ongoing anthology of short stories published as eBooks. Each one costs a buck (or a quid, or a Euro*), but the premise is always the same: a dollar is spent and something bad happens.

I’ve just written one for the Halloween edition. It’s called Looker and you can buy it direct from the Bad Dollar site. Here’s a synopsis:

 It’s Halloween in Brooklyn. As the neighbourhood kids dress up, Eric and Lou buy a device that reveals true desire from a homeless man for a dollar. Not that they think it’s going to work. They were just giving him a break. Still, it was a good idea. They were always checking out hot women. Wouldn’t it be great to know just once who was looking back?

Yeah, imagine if there was some object that could tell you who fancied you? That would be great! Wrong! That would be very bad. Find out why on Kindle and whole bunch of other formats too.

Bad Dollar is run by the dedicated Andy Whitlock. He’s really great at working with you to edit and craft your story, and then get it ready for publication. Well to be honest, he did all the work of formatting the manuscript and designing the cover. I just changed the name at the last minute. Sorry Andy.

But leaving aside the elegant simplicity of paying a small amount of money for a cracking short story**, the chance for writers to receive thoughtful and constructive feedback should be reason alone to submit a story.

*What would you call a Euro? How about a ‘Jose’, after the EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso?

**There are many, many other stories on Bad Dollar, not just mine.