We’re Here Fighting For You

by antigob


In 2011, Occupy LSX happened. I went down to join the dozens of others with camcorders and DSLRs to record what was happening. I didn’t have an agenda and I didn’t want to interview anyone, because there were better-equipped people there to do that. Besides, I wasn’t sure how I felt about the whole movement. I think what I liked best about Occupy was how successful it was influencing popular culture by showing a broad group of different people from all walks of life coming together to say ‘I disagree’. That’s an incredible achievement.

I think this comes across in the film. I found Occupy LSX to be a very positive place – full of great moments such as the bit when a group of schoolboys from, I think, St Paul’s private school rocked up to talk to the protestors. It was a good discourse, and respectful too. There were also lots of unintentional moments of comedy that seemed so peculiarly English.

I then got a chance to film in New York and see just how different the atmosphere was at Zuccotti Park. That’s where I met Jay after he struck up a conversation. He was the only one I interviewed and I think he had a pretty good perspective on things.

It’s not a complete film, it took a good time to edit and find a framework because I never really got a chance to shoot enough footage. And let’s be honest I didn’t set out with any coherent plan about what I wanted to film.

So this is just a record of what happened at the time. I shot for three days in London and a day in New York. Everything was filmed on a Panasonic SD900, edited in Final Cut with an attempt at a grade in Color.